Paired Up



Jeremy Wilson

Welcome to Paired Up!

I have spent my entire golfing life avoiding random pairings at golf courses. During a round last summer, I realized that my eyes were closed to the most unique feature of any golf course—the people. A round of golf provides a unique opportunity to be with total strangers for hours on end, often with people you would’ve never met otherwise, and their stories are fascinating.

Paired Up is a project set out to go below the surface, the tell the stories of these golfers, stories that go far beyond the scorecard. I know I need this now more than ever, to get out of my own way, to dive into people’s stories that have shaped their life—maybe you need it, too. If you’re of a like mind or have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to hit the link below to reach out. Thank you for engaging in this project!


Quick bio:

I’m 28-years-old, but my hairline is 48; I live in Nashville, Tennessee; I prefer 3-wood over a driver; my miss is a smother-hook left; I’m the guy always asking to borrow a tee.




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